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Bye bye XING

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XING informed me that they will close their API on March 31st for good (privacy concerns yada yada). I knew this could happen anytime, it has happened to me before with Facebook and LinkedIn for the same reasons (allegedly). But this really hits me hard because the vast majority of my users used the app to get a hold of their XING connections. So I am not sure how to proceed. The remaining functionality of the app is not zero, but I am not sure the cash it might still make warrants the energy to keep the app alive. So, for the moment I will turn to other projects (of which there are many).

What’s next

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After a long hiatus I decided to bring the app back to life again. There are going to be some major changes: The app will not download your contacts data, due to problems with the GDPR (as explained in my previous post). But there are websites out there that still allow you to get your contacts data as CSV-files, at least for LinkedIn and XING. These files are not easily digestible for any other software, so this is where my app jumps in. LinkedIn allows to download your contacts data directly (as explained on the FAQ -page), and for XING you’ll have to head over to and get your contacts data. I talked to Fabian, he is a terribly friendly person who provides this service free of charge (unlike me, mind you). Once you downloaded your “Revido-Export.csv”-file my app will import it. It does have fewer fields than my app used to have (e.g. no pictures, no “haves and wants”, no private address and phone number), but there is little to be done about that. I won’t support Twitter and Google anymore which is not such a big deal, as you can import your data to either your or to Outlook and then import it into the app from there.

I hope to publish the new version by the end of this year.

Thanks again for your patience.

Vorrübergehend deaktiviert / temporarily discontinued…

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(english version below)

Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, den Verkauf der App zumindest vorübergehend einzustellen. Grund ist die ab dem 25. Mai gültige DSGVO, die, so hat der Datenschutzbeauftragte meines Vertrauens mir gesagt, mich dazu zwingt, mit jedem meiner Kunden einen Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag abzuschließen. Das Problem ist, dass die App mithilfe eines Webservices funktioniert, über den die App Daten vom sozialen Netzwerk erhält. An dieser Stelle habe ich natürlich Zugriff auf die Daten und könnte sie speichern (was ich selbstverständlich nicht tue, da dies einen schweren datenschutzrechtlichen Verstoß darstellte). Die neue Rechtssprechung sieht aber vor, dass wenn auch nur die Möglichkeit des Datenzugriffs besteht ein solcher Vertrag zu schließen ist. Dies wiederum ist wohl auch nicht einfach per “ich akzeptiere”-Klick innerhalb der App möglich, sobald ich also eine Möglichkeit sehe, die App 100% DSGVO-konform zu gestalten wird der Verkauf auch wieder fortgesetzt.  Den Download der Kontaktdaten aus den sozialen Netzwerken werde ich ab dem 25. Mai auch erstmal deaktivieren.




I decided to at least temporarily discontinue selling the app. The reason is the upcoming GDPR, which, as I have now been informed by the data protection commissioner of my choice, forces me to conclude a “order processing contract” with each and every of my customers. The issue is that the app uses a web service which in turn pulls the data from the social network and hands it back to the app. I technically could of course save the data at that point (which I would never do as this is a clear violation of every data protection law I’ve ever heard of). But now under the new law the mere possibility of accessing your data makes such a contract a necessity.  Apparently it can’t be easily concluded via some “i accept”-button, so as long as I have no clear and safe way of making the app GDPR-compliant I think I’m better off just pulling the app out of the stores. I will also have to stop allowing the download of your data by May 25th. As soon as the legal issues have been settled, the app will be back.

Datenschutzerklärung aktualisiert / Updated privacy statement

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Ich musste die Datenschutzerklärung aktualisieren, um der ab Mai 2018 gültigen Gesetzgebung (“Datenschutz-Grundverordnung”) zu entsprechen. Sie enthält nun sehr viel generisches juristisches Fachchinesisch, wofür ich mich entschuldigen möchte. Sie wurde mit Hilfe des Datenschutzerklärungs-Generators unter erzeugt.

Was Sie wissen müssen ist: Die App speichert keine persönliche Daten. Sie “merkt” sich nur welche Datensätze sie blockiert oder einer anderen Person in Ihrem Mac OS Adressbuch zugewiesen haben.

Had to update the privacy statement to make it comply with the upcoming changes to the german “Datenschutz-Grundverordnung”. Now contains tons of generic legalise which I am sorry for, but that comes with the territory. It has been generated with the help of

What you need to know is this: The app does not store any data beyond what it needs to remember which records you blocked or reassigned to another entry in your

Windows version out!

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Die Windows-Version ist endlich da! Sie können Sie direkt hier herunterladen. Sie unterstützt das Einlesen Ihrer LinkedIn-Kontakte über die Datei “connections.csv”, die Sie sich von Ihrem Linked-Account herunterladen können. Genaueres dazu steht auf der FAQ-Seite. Die kommende Mac-Version wird das ebenfalls unterstützen.

Get it here! Supports LinkedIn-csv files. Read the FAQ on how to obtain those. The Mac Version will support these very soon as well!

Version 4.0 is out! Free update, lots of improvements.

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This version greatly improves MS Outlook-Support. It will tell you right away if your contact has been found in Outlook (just activate this feature in the settings) and also shows you differing data.
It also does a better job at reading your contacts from (reads “other email”, “other phone” and “iPhone”). It now also displays the date the contact was created and last modified in the
A problem with opening vCard files has been fixed.
The memory footprint should be a lot smaller (deals with pictures better).
Improved looks!
Dropped Google plus and vKontakte-Support and russian translation. Google plus didn’t work and there was hardly any interest in vKontakte.

Thanks again for all the valuable feedback I’ve received in the last year. Will keep improving this app. The windows version will also be available on my website very soon so tell your friends..