What’s next

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After a long hiatus I decided to bring the app back to life again. There are going to be some major changes: The app will not download your contacts data, due to problems with the GDPR (as explained in my previous post). But there are websites out there that still allow you to get your contacts data as CSV-files, at least for LinkedIn and XING. These files are not easily digestible for any other software, so this is where my app jumps in. LinkedIn allows to download your contacts data directly (as explained on the FAQ -page), and for XING you’ll have to head over to https://revido.fabianbeiner.de/ and get your contacts data. I talked to Fabian, he is a terribly friendly person who provides this service free of charge (unlike me, mind you). Once you downloaded your “Revido-Export.csv”-file my app will import it. It does have fewer fields than my app used to have (e.g. no pictures, no “haves and wants”, no private address and phone number), but there is little to be done about that. I won’t support Twitter and Google anymore which is not such a big deal, as you can import your data to either your Contacts.app or to Outlook and then import it into the app from there.

I hope to publish the new version by the end of this year.

Thanks again for your patience.